Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pawlimpics Video and...Durian?

Hello all! Our hooman finally has some spare time on her hands. Well, since we were SO LOST in the blogosphere lately, and did not get to check our mails, blog, etc...we FINALLY saw Lenny's Bone Relay video today. Believe me, it is DA HAWTEST BOMB EVER!!! We would like to say thanks to Lenny for doing such a pawsome job! You can view the video here.

And secondly, we had the chance of tasting the King of Fruits, the almighty DURIAN!!! It was goooood, I'm telling ya, though I wouldn't wanna get pricked by its scawie thorns!

Here'a a word of advice, DO NOT BITE THE SEED! Its horribly BITTER inside! I know from experience!

Omce again, we apologize for not being able to visit as frequently as we used to!


Maya and Kena said...

Hi Brandy!
We saw the Pawlimpics video and you're right! It's AMAZING! Lenny and his mommy must have spent a lot of time making it!
Hmm, Nottie Scottie (http://nottiescottie.blogspot.com/) also posted about the Durian!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh yeah Scottie posted about the Durian too. It must be something pretty special. We've never seen one. It looks yummy, kinda like a custard apple.


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Don't worry about not visiting we understand how busy life can get.
That is a scary looking fruit...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Joe Stains said...

I hear that Durian smells reaaaally awful but tastes delicious!!

Lorenza said...

Lenny and his Mom did a great job!
Like Joey, I've heard the same about durians! But sure you like it a lot!
Kisses and hugs

Maggie and Mitch said...

Durians must be in season this time of year cause Scottie was talking about them too! We sure wish we could try one!
Lenny and his mom did an outstanding job on the video!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Simba said...

Looks like you enjoyed that strange fruit.

Simba x

Pacco de Mongrel said...

this food stink to the max..

p/s: my owner force me to say the above statement

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Brandy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! So cool to meet another Malaysian DWBer! Those durians are sure yummy,aren't they? heh!


BWTH Dog House said...

Durian!! I love it, I beg from the hooman but I wonder why mom run away when she saw the durian....weird weird.

slurpy licks,

Thor said...

Lenny and his mom did a great job with that video!
I have never seen that fruit. It looks delicious!


happy said...

Hi Brandy! Glad to hear from you again and I'm also glad things are back to normal too for us!

Kudos to Lenny for doing such a wonderful job on Pawlimpics!

Ooh durians! I love them too. LS has been giving me some and they sure are yummy.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Ah.. you had durian haa.. it must be yummy..

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Oh yeah! Durian is mah No.1 fruit! It's sooo smelly that it smells like putrid mushy onions. Durian is the only fruit in the world that I'll ever accept!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer