Friday, January 11, 2008

My very own Passport!!!!

Yay! I now have my very own passport! World, here I come! How's my signature??

Cool, isn't it? Now, who would like to travel with MeMeMe???


Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Brandy! Brandy is a very nice name & it suits you. I have my own passport too but I hardly use it... Atleast now you won't have to go though any quarantines. Woh, you have 5 other sistas? I have two sistas too & they are Chloe Grace & Faith Hill. I think you know who is who... Btw, you live in Malaysia? If you are, are you coming to K9 Day next Sunday>? We can meet up & you can watch me performing on the stage.

Pee/s: I've added you to my links. Will visit your place often! Oh &, are you a member of Dogs With Blogs? If not, do consider being one becoz there is where you can make tons & tons of friends from all over the world. Notice I get almost 60+ comments each post? Well, that's becoz I made alot of friends. And there are soo much fun things you can do with DWB. There are competitions too like 'Awesome Blog Award' & 'Photo Of The Month'. Hope you will join... The admin, will take a few days to accept your registration. Once he accepts you, you will appear in the list page. This is the website:

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

lijialefw said...

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