Saturday, February 19, 2011


Its an all new website regularly updated with nothing but photosss!
Oh, don't we love them. My hooman is also attempting to vary the photos of different doggies and different breeds. It IS a photo site though...all photosss!

Click this link here to see more photos:
And of course....
To all my fellow doggies and mateys alike, yes yes, we have indeed been absent..but all's good. We miss being able to blog too, but I can't deny I love my sleep too much for my own good. Is this me ageing? Nah, can't be, can it? I'm only 9 this year! Hehehhee.
I, Brandy am still happily wrestling with Whiskey everyday, going for my walks twice a day, having goood foooooood (and yes, the boring kibble), enduring weekly baths and doing those horrible tricks for those wonderful treats. Yuppp. Oh and don't forget that occasional rawhide I get. I LIVE for those. Whiskey doesn't apparently..I get hers. =P

Have a good time at DogShots everybody.
Lotsa slob, hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You mean, I was thaaat tiny?!??

Friday, February 27, 2009


DWB certainly is a very busy world, and all my pals are surely very busy too. Don't forget the hoomans. Hammies are busy hide and seeking, some doggies playing with clicker boxes, happily reunting with their families, having fun in bathrooms!, having vaccinations, visiting pet stores, painting for charity, having no internet connection!, making new friends, enjoying spa treatments!, performing easy to tough tricks, colourfying their blogs with True Colours! and Wordless Wednesday pics!

Us? We're keeping our paws crossed for Bogart's daddy, and wishing hard our hooman wasn't so busy all the time. But she obviously wasn't busy enough to NOT sneak in some tablets in my kibbles, I saw!

Today also happens to be Whiskey's birthday, but we don't really celebrate. She just got an extra yummy dinner and a promise of some sausages tomorrow! I can't wait for my turn!

And! We officiated a new ball today. I kinda ripped up our brown football ball.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Recently, a local TV channel aired this. It is on the cruelty towards stray cats and dogs at a pound in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Please, take a moment to go through the video.

And here is the article,


THEY had gone to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) animal pound in Setapak to protest against the alleged brutal killing of dogs and cats there but animal activists were not prepared for what they stumbled upon in the vicinity of the premises.

Thrown into uncovered pits, about six feet in both width and depth, were the rotting carcasses of dogs that had been killed at the pound.

“We cannot tolerate such cruelty and are totally against it,’’ said Rosnah Hassan, who burst into tears after seeing the graves.

Elaine Kong added that a better method should be used to terminate the lives of strays as well as dispose of their remains.

The crowd had gathered at the pound in reaction to the visuals shown over the TV3 programme 360° last Wednesday night.

The visuals, which were captured by a hidden camera, showed a pound worker dragging a dying dog with a loop around its neck whilst another terrified dog watched the ‘execution’ as it waited for its turn.

DBKL health department director Dr Zainol Ariffin Pawanchee who was at the pound to meet the protesters was bombarded with questions by the angry crowd.

The 360° programme anchor Mazidul Akmal Sidek, who was also there, told Dr Zainol Ariffin that the visuals showed the dog still breathing when being yanked around by the neck.

Dr Zainol Ariffin, who neither denied nor admitted to the mishap, apologised to the crowd for the trauma they had undergone after watching the visuals.

He said the dogs were caught and brought to the pound by two private companies which were paid RM30 per dog captured.

He added euthanising the dogs and disposing of the carcasses were carried out by DBKL employees.
Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail said he had asked Dr Zainol Ariffin to explain the matter to him.

“Apparently, the landfills have refused to take the carcasses and we don’t have an incinerator as it is very expensive,’’ Ahmad Fuad said.

He added that he would look into the matter as he wanted dogs to be caught, euthanised and buried according to the guidelines provided.

Besides holding placards which condemned the alleged brutal killings, the 50-odd activists also lit candles outside the pound in remembrance of all the animals killed there.

They also adopted four dogs and seven puppies from the pound after paying a nominal compound.

The gathering was initiated by non-profit organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative’s (CDII) canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better.

For details please visit:

We really don't know what to say anymore. The said TV channel had another show about the same matter today, and really, sometimes you just wonder, how is it possible to be that cruel?

Please tell your friends about this, we want to increase awareness on cruelty towards animals.

Feeling sad,
Brandy and Gang, and hooman.

Monday, February 9, 2009


We've just had these, but we dunno what to call them, icies? ice lollies? icicles?

The tall one for me, the flat one for Whiskey.
They're reaallly yummy, especially on a hot hot hot day like today!

Unfortunately, hot day equals bath day. And we didn't get wiped dry because some great hooman decided to bathe us with tickwash as well.

Oops, and that's me busy with the icies.

Anydoggy got any yummy recipes for more of these ice thingys??
We would looove to tell our hooman about it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Confession...

I, BrandytheGreat, have a confession.

I have thought it over and after being stuck in the kennel for a long time on my own, (well, fine, with Whiskey, but still..)

*deep breath*

I have decided to spill the kibbles and announce my victory.

Oops, I mean, my wrongdoing.




The picture above is a traditional sticky cake for prayers during Chinese New Year. It is made up of sticky glutinous flour and sugar. This cake is an offering for the gods, because it will sweeten the tongue of the god, who goes back to heaven to report on the family. Heheh. But it sure is yummy too!

Why do I say so?

I ate it.


My confession.

I A T E I T.

It was put for prayers outdoors, although on a raised altar.
But who could resist right?
And tonight I'm stuck in the kennel again. Sigh.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're Nuts!!!

Yes, we have been on a long long hiatus, but you can blame it on the hooman's lack of help in blogging. We've been not-very-occupied, but if you could call napping an activity, then yeah, we're pretty busy dawgs.

We tried out this new treat called P'nutz, and they're pretty yummy!

AS usual, I have to do the routine before I get it...urghh.
PeeEss/ Sorry for the wrongsided pictures! Blogger is kicking up a fuss!

Actually, it looks like a piece of poop, check this out..

But it tastes pretty good! It's shaped exactly like a peanut, and the one we got is the Petite size, perfect for Whiskey..

Or maybe not?!?!

Anyways, it is the Chinese New Year once more! This calls for some yummy cookies. We're praying hard our hooman will give us some!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Job Predictor!

Guess what we received in the email today? A JOB PREDICTOR! Well, WERE we excited! So we keyed in everyone's names, and here are the results!

Maggie- Prime Minister
Mitch- Second-hand Car Salesman
River- Circus Freak!?!
Bae- Brain Surgeon!
Butchy- Chef
Snickers- Rally Car Driver
Lorenza- Rally Car Driver too!
Agatha- Computer Nerd
Archie- Astronaut!
Thor- Internet Hacker
Asta- Hypnotist
Gus- Secondhand Car Salesman
Louie- Great Boss
Callie- Car Drifting Star!
Faya- Midwife!!!
Dyos- Religious fellow!
Paco- Alien investigator
Milo- Superhero...
Boo- Nice Old Man?!?
Simba- Religious teacher!
Scruffy- Rally Car Driver
Lacie- Politician!
Stan- Supermodel!
Dino- Traffic police!
Happy- Pirate..
Noah- Loan shark!?!?
Willow- Traffic warden
Tess- Astronaut!
Lucy- Maid.
Huskee- Quiz Show Contestant
Hershey- Village Idiot.
Mack- Respected VIP
Lilly- Pirate!
Paris- Clown..
Samantha- Pirate!
Pipa- Job in a land far, far away!
Pacco- The job you have now!
Rocky- Car Drifting Star
AmberMae- Businessman!
Chloe- Secondhand Car Salesman
Faith- Traffic cop!
Madison- Animal therapist
Girasol- Yikes...g..i..g..o..l..o..??
Sami- Despatch
Baylee- Super Singer
Sparky- Traffic Warden
Boy- Village Head
Baby- Nice old man?
Benjamin- Car Salesman
PowderPuff- Brain surgeon
Amber- Cleaner! Oops..
Joe- Accompanying Actor
Tanner- Analysis Professor
Mason Dixie- Insurance Fraudster
Tibby- Traffic Cop!
Apple- Superhero!

And...I, Brandy, would be a top gun pilot! Hehehe!
How do you all like your jobs?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Its Been All Chewy..

Hello doggies, my life is sort of boring nowadays, that is why I didn't update. Anyway, we have only been chewing and chewing and chewing. Ohh and with the rare Kongs in between! We would like to know, what do you like best in your KONGS?? Do tell us! In the meantime, just so you won't forget how I look, here!


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its New Year's Eve!

First up, apologies from us for not commenting on all your bloggies, Blogger seems to be acting up and won't allow the comment box to pop up, grr!

Remember I said my hooman was off to her hometown, WITHOUT me? Well, I didn't kick up a fuss, (nor did I sue her) because.., BECAUSE, of this!

She got us one HUUUGGGE bag of yummy rawhide! I told her to keep it for me cuz I was afraid I would chew them all up in a day!

So, what are my pals doing to celebrate the new year?
I am chewing the day, and YEAR, away!

And here's a Happy New Year to all my pawesome buddies!
It sure has been a great year complete with happiness, excitement, loads of chewies together with some tears for our beloved friends, furry or not.
We hope for another great year ahead, especially for all our DWB buddies!