Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're Nuts!!!

Yes, we have been on a long long hiatus, but you can blame it on the hooman's lack of help in blogging. We've been not-very-occupied, but if you could call napping an activity, then yeah, we're pretty busy dawgs.

We tried out this new treat called P'nutz, and they're pretty yummy!

AS usual, I have to do the routine before I get it...urghh.
PeeEss/ Sorry for the wrongsided pictures! Blogger is kicking up a fuss!

Actually, it looks like a piece of poop, check this out..

But it tastes pretty good! It's shaped exactly like a peanut, and the one we got is the Petite size, perfect for Whiskey..

Or maybe not?!?!

Anyways, it is the Chinese New Year once more! This calls for some yummy cookies. We're praying hard our hooman will give us some!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Job Predictor!

Guess what we received in the email today? A JOB PREDICTOR! Well, WERE we excited! So we keyed in everyone's names, and here are the results!

Maggie- Prime Minister
Mitch- Second-hand Car Salesman
River- Circus Freak!?!
Bae- Brain Surgeon!
Butchy- Chef
Snickers- Rally Car Driver
Lorenza- Rally Car Driver too!
Agatha- Computer Nerd
Archie- Astronaut!
Thor- Internet Hacker
Asta- Hypnotist
Gus- Secondhand Car Salesman
Louie- Great Boss
Callie- Car Drifting Star!
Faya- Midwife!!!
Dyos- Religious fellow!
Paco- Alien investigator
Milo- Superhero...
Boo- Nice Old Man?!?
Simba- Religious teacher!
Scruffy- Rally Car Driver
Lacie- Politician!
Stan- Supermodel!
Dino- Traffic police!
Happy- Pirate..
Noah- Loan shark!?!?
Willow- Traffic warden
Tess- Astronaut!
Lucy- Maid.
Huskee- Quiz Show Contestant
Hershey- Village Idiot.
Mack- Respected VIP
Lilly- Pirate!
Paris- Clown..
Samantha- Pirate!
Pipa- Job in a land far, far away!
Pacco- The job you have now!
Rocky- Car Drifting Star
AmberMae- Businessman!
Chloe- Secondhand Car Salesman
Faith- Traffic cop!
Madison- Animal therapist
Girasol- Yikes...g..i..g..o..l..o..??
Sami- Despatch
Baylee- Super Singer
Sparky- Traffic Warden
Boy- Village Head
Baby- Nice old man?
Benjamin- Car Salesman
PowderPuff- Brain surgeon
Amber- Cleaner! Oops..
Joe- Accompanying Actor
Tanner- Analysis Professor
Mason Dixie- Insurance Fraudster
Tibby- Traffic Cop!
Apple- Superhero!

And...I, Brandy, would be a top gun pilot! Hehehe!
How do you all like your jobs?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Its Been All Chewy..

Hello doggies, my life is sort of boring nowadays, that is why I didn't update. Anyway, we have only been chewing and chewing and chewing. Ohh and with the rare Kongs in between! We would like to know, what do you like best in your KONGS?? Do tell us! In the meantime, just so you won't forget how I look, here!