Saturday, February 19, 2011


Its an all new website regularly updated with nothing but photosss!
Oh, don't we love them. My hooman is also attempting to vary the photos of different doggies and different breeds. It IS a photo site though...all photosss!

Click this link here to see more photos:
And of course....
To all my fellow doggies and mateys alike, yes yes, we have indeed been absent..but all's good. We miss being able to blog too, but I can't deny I love my sleep too much for my own good. Is this me ageing? Nah, can't be, can it? I'm only 9 this year! Hehehhee.
I, Brandy am still happily wrestling with Whiskey everyday, going for my walks twice a day, having goood foooooood (and yes, the boring kibble), enduring weekly baths and doing those horrible tricks for those wonderful treats. Yuppp. Oh and don't forget that occasional rawhide I get. I LIVE for those. Whiskey doesn't apparently..I get hers. =P

Have a good time at DogShots everybody.
Lotsa slob, hugs and kisses.