Monday, March 24, 2008


For the past few days, we have been chewing chewing and chewing. It may seem boring to you but I could do it for the whole day! (With walkies in between!)

Well, just the other day my hooman bought us some rawhide! This is me with my HUGE bone! (The BIGGER, the BETTER!) See my happy face?
And this is Whiskey with her pathetically tiny bone.( Don't tell her I said that! She thinks its huge too!) She looks kinda bored, I guess she doesn't fancy chewing that much, I must say she's weird.

This is her again looking all blur...

And this is me, kinda wet after my bath but I refused to budge...The bone was too...(drool) delish!

Who here likes rawhide???
Not me!
I LOVE rawhide!!
Woohoo go rawhide!!!
Uh huh! Oh yeah!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

To the Park, and Beyond!

Today Whiskey and I went to the park..just strolling by

On the way, we saw these furiously angry looking doggies...This one looked particularly crazy, running left and right non-stop!
he's crazy!

There were many, many, many, many things to sniff at!

sniff sniff..what's that??

sniff sniff sniff...(brandy: HEY! where's my head?)

We passed by a house full of GRASS! Looks so tempting to run through!
oh la la, the grass!!!

Then, we passed by this overturned dustbin! Which by the way, isn't my fault! The deed was done! i didn't do this!

Finally, we reached the park!

Then, we started playing ball! Well, mostly Whiskey did!

Our favourite squeaky ball!

I also did some of my regular exercise, aka BackScratcher! Whiskey decided to join me after a while, after seeing how ENJOYING it is. You doggies out there should try it one day!

For all faint-hearted doggies and hammies out there, the picture below may induce dizziness, minor migraines, vomit, disgustedness, sudden blindness and other unknown symptoms yet to be discovered.


oops, sorry! tee hee hee!

Then, sadly, we had to go hoo hoo.

We were so crossed, we crossed our leashes!


Anyway, we had a fun time! Finally, a day with NO RAIN!

Pee/S:- Our hooman said to say sorry for the blur pics, it's beacuse

1. we're too fast.

2. the camera sucks!


Have fun doggies!

BrandytheGreat and Friskey Whiskey.