Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hello everyone!

Do u guys enjoy playing Monopoly? Sometimes i get really bored with my kingdom and play Monopoly with my Hoomans instead.

Well, guess what? The Monopoly people are creating this new thingy, called Monopoly World Edition: Here and Now! Isn't that so cool??? I would definitely love for TheGreatland to be listed, but on the other hand, i wouldn't want my land to be overcrowded, you know what i mean?? So, anyway, I am so voting for Kuala Lumpur to be listed as one of the cities!

Here are a few reasons why we love KL!

1. THE FOOOOOD!!! There's loads of food here that we like, namely BakKutTeh pork bones!

2. The weather!! Although it can get seriously soooper dooooper HOT!!! At least we can play all day long!!!

3. The FOOOOOOD AGAIN!!! Wee! We just LOVE the food here! I would die if i ever migrated from Malaysia!

To vote for KL, log on to

"Hee! Make sure you vote!" ~Chard'ny~

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello everydoggy! Guess what?? Tomorrow's a holy holy DAY! Its Thaipusam but all I know is exactly that BUT, its a HOLIDAY!! Wee...Here's a group pic taken some time ago..Admire....

Some people say I look like the BIG boss in this family, and yep, I am, after all, the Great! Wahahahahaha!!!


Pee/S:- Hooman will be rather busy so i guess no one to type for me. Although i have tried typing myself, I still think these computer geniuses should invent a canine friendly keyboard, ya' know??? Pity those letters, all cramped up!

Have fun doggies!

BrandytheGreat and Gang.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Chewday!


Chivas and Brandy here!


Today, we had nothing to do.

We were SO bored.

In fact, we were bored SICK.

So we chewed.

And chewed.

And chewed some more.

It was LEGAL chewing.

And guess what?? We created a MASTERPIECE!!!

Oh, and we feel SOOO proud!

Unfortunately, Brandy's blue ball has lost its squeak. And mine? Its perfectly okay to me, except that its rather out-of-shape.

So, everyone...Happy Chewday from Brandy and I!!!
Yours REGALLY, Chivas Regal.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pork Bone!!!

Hi folks! Brandy here..


My human got us DELISH pork bones from the BakKutTeh shop! Here's a pic...

DOESN'T THAT LOOK SOOOOOO YUMMY???????Oh Boy, I got saliva on my keyboard! Human's gonna kill me!

Oh, and the stingy human only gave me 2 bones! Oh well, better not complain, Chivas got only 1!! hehe...

Evil cruel Human making me stare at it.....grrr......Anyways, aren't you JEALOUS???? Hahaha! Gotta run, Chivas might be finishing hers and attacking mine! buhbye!


Boring Day. . .

Hi there! Brandy here, just a rather boring day today, hope it doesn't rain..Could mean a trip to the park with Chivas and rolling in the grass..Wee! In the meantime,

I think i'll go to sleep. . .


Friday, January 11, 2008

My very own Passport!!!!

Yay! I now have my very own passport! World, here I come! How's my signature??

Cool, isn't it? Now, who would like to travel with MeMeMe???

I Gobbled Up The Pasta

GUESS WHAT???Mmm, for dinner today, Chivas and I had delicious Angel Hair Pasta with Minced Chicken, and unfortunately kibble. I insisted on licking up the wet food can, but my human was afraid I would get cuts. AS IF! Hmm...Oh well, actually, we don't mind the kibble..we're too hungry! But don't you think that pasta would taste so much nicer without kibble with it? Haiz...imagine life without DOG KIBBLE.
What a wonderful life.. . .. . . ..
I guess you would say, Keep Dreaming..
And, I'm guessing you're right.
Tata for now!
SlobsKissesandHugs from BrandytheGreat.


Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself.. I am BRANDY THE GREAT!

Now, take a look at pretty me, and half of my sis, Whiskey! Don't you think my eyes are SOOOOOO you-know??? Just look at me, and let me hypnotiZe you. .

Hee hee hee!!! Now, let me introduce you to my sisters!

This here,

is Whiskey, she is a five year-old tri-colour Shih Tzu. She does OB and Agility, but takes it slow and steady. She prefers going for walks just like me! Among all my sisters, she's closest to me as we've known each other since we were young. She can be rather fierce when it comes to food, so take my advice and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STEAL HER FOOD WHATSOEVER!

Next, is Chivas Regal! She is a GSD from Indonesia, but speaks English. She decided to change her name to Chivas shortly after arriving in Malaysia. Previously, she was called Debby. Shh, don't tell her but Whiskey and I think that Debby sounds very funny! hey! that RHYMES! See, told you I'm a good rhymer! Anyways, back to Chivas, she is my GOOD GOOD FRIEND. Ok, I'll admit it, the reason why I like her is, oh man, this is so embarassing...I like bullying her and she lets me bully her! HMPFH! Chivvy likes playing ball, especially squeaky balls and tennis balls! She has destroyed AT LEAST 5 balls already! Haihz, what a total complete waste of money! I mean, instead of having to buy new balls, we could buy rawhide!!!!!!! UrGH!!

This is,

Rum! She's a good one for me to bully too! Rum is a few years old Pomeranian with a brownish blackish coat. Her favorite pose is this

She can stay like that for more than 20 mins! Everyone thinks she's cute, but neh, i think i'm cuter! heHehE!!

Then, there's JD! Whiskey is her mother. JD is Black and White. You know, Yin Yang?? She enjoys soft toys and playing in the dirt! She has albino eyes, haha! That is, the area around her eyes are white!

Next, Chard'ny! She's the one on the right, while on the left is RemyMartin, my teenyweeny pal.

Chard'ny is short for Chardonnay. She's a tricolored shihTzu, just like Whiskey, except that she's the complete opposite in terms of character. To me, she is seriously one active dog. A rascal, she is. Chard'ny is definitely up to my standards though, when it comes to close combat aka bullying. Tee hee hee!